Embark on a Taco Tour in Santa Monica and Win Big!

Embark on a Taco Tour in Santa Monica and Win Big!

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If you're a taco aficionado or just someone who loves to explore new culinary delights, Santa Monica has an exciting opportunity for you. Imagine spending a day savoring the most delicious tacos the city has to offer, and to top it off, you could win a chance to do it all over again for free! Yes, you read that right. Join a Taco Tour in Santa Monica, and you might just win a raffle prize of another tour. Here's everything you need to know about this tantalizing taco adventure.

The Taco Tour Experience

Santa Monica, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant food scene, is a haven for taco lovers. The Taco Tour is an immersive culinary journey that takes you to some of the best taco spots in the city. From traditional Mexican taquerias to innovative taco trucks, you'll get to experience a variety of flavors and styles.

What to Expect:
  1. A Guided Adventure: Led by a knowledgeable guide, you'll visit a curated selection of taco joints, each offering unique and mouth-watering creations.
  2. Diverse Flavors: Taste a range of tacos, from classic carnitas and al pastor to modern twists like vegan and seafood tacos.
  3. Local Insights: Learn about the history and culture behind each taco spot and the ingredients they use.
  4. Scenic Stops: Enjoy the picturesque settings of Santa Monica, with stops at popular landmarks and hidden gems.

The Raffle Prize

As if indulging in a taco feast wasn't enough, the Taco Tour offers an exciting raffle prize. At the end of your tour, you'll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win another Taco Tour experience. Imagine doubling your fun and getting to relive the tasty adventure!

How to Participate:
  1. Book Your Tour: Sign up for a Taco Tour through the official website or at participating taco spots.
  2. Enjoy and Explore: Savor the delicious tacos and immerse yourself in the culinary journey.
  3. Enter the Raffle: At the end of the tour, you'll be given a raffle ticket. Keep it safe and stay tuned for the announcement.
  4. Win and Celebrate: If you're the lucky winner, you'll receive a complimentary Taco Tour to enjoy with friends or family.

Why You Shouldn't Miss This

The Taco Tour in Santa Monica is more than just a food tour; it's an experience that brings together the community, celebrates local flavors, and offers a chance to win big. Whether you're a local looking for a fun outing or a tourist wanting to taste the best of Santa Monica, this tour is perfect for you.

  • Gastronomic Delight: Discover and taste the finest tacos in the city.
  • Cultural Experience: Learn about the culinary history and local taco legends.
  • Chance to Win: Enjoy the thrill of possibly winning another delightful taco tour.
  • Great for All: Suitable for foodies, families, friends, and anyone who loves tacos.

How to Book

Booking your Taco Tour is simple. Visit the official website, choose your preferred date, and get ready for a day filled with flavor and fun. Don't forget to check for any special offers or group discounts!

Steps to Book:
  1. Visit the Website: Head to the official Taco Tour booking page.
  2. Select a Date: Choose the date that works best for you.
  3. Purchase Tickets: Secure your spot by purchasing tickets online.
  4. Prepare for Fun: Mark your calendar and get ready for an unforgettable taco adventure.


The Taco Tour in Santa Monica offers a unique blend of culinary delight and the excitement of a raffle prize. It’s an opportunity to taste some of the best tacos, learn about the rich food culture, and possibly win another fantastic tour. So, gather your friends, bring your appetite, and embark on a taco-filled journey in beautiful Santa Monica. Who knows, you might just get lucky and win a free tour to enjoy even more tacos!

Book your Taco Tour today and get ready to indulge in a taco lover's dream come true. Bon appétit!

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